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Orange County GenWeb Project . . . . .

We welcome you to our project and hope we can be of help. Due to the large population, we often times cannot do the kind of personal research that people would like. All that we know and have is posted on this site. We appreciate any assistance you can give us by way of data. We are constantly striving to make this a better web site with new information as it becomes available.

Our heartfelt appreciation to Vikki Gray who tirelessly built this web site originally over 10 years ago and who was my co-host and mentor for so long. We believe she is Montana digging for gold.

We are under renovation..

While we update our site you may view it in its former state by clicking on THIS LINK. This will take you to the "old" site which give you all the data we have. We are seeking volunteers to assist us in our effort. Please see the volunteer page with instructions and suggestions on how you can help.